Monday, February 20, 2012

One life to Live

The faith should never trod over,
Ecstasy is the halo to hover,
Make adulation the cover,
For, it's one life to live!!

Make the circumference around a cheer,
Let there be no fear,
Shrieks of joys be the hear,
For, it's one life to live!!

Piousness of belief be set,
Tears of remorse will not wet,
No near anguishes to fret,
For, it's one life to love to live!!


The zeal in life has no bounds,

On and off it goes about in rounds,

Piling on in pounds!!

The joy in life is umpteen,

Fills in every teen,

No worry about sheen!!

The emotions are sky high,

Here and there a silent sigh,

Forlornness will never spy!!

Let zenith be the pitch for your aim,

Verily spin out the fame,

Let all your moves be fair in the game!!