Monday, May 15, 2017

The Land of Tulips

Flowers have always intrigued me since my childhood. Be it the plethora of colors or the variety, flowers always bring out the serene side of me in its midst. Having said this, how could I miss the Tulip Festival. Chance less!

So, the day the Tulip festival started, I was there, surrounded by the beautiful tulips around me in superfluity of colors. Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Violet, the sight all around was colorful. And, to see such alluring surroundings, was a joy in itself. Everywhere around, we were encompassed by these spell binding beauties. A walk among the tulips was the most captivating few steps taken in a long long time. 

The most interesting was to see the working windmill in the midst of tulips. I have never seen a windmill ever, forget up close and inside. This windmill made wheat flour and the tour up five floors was an experience in itself. 

Tulips have fascinated me so much, this summer I intend to grow them in my backyard. But my backyard stories will be for another time.