Thursday, June 11, 2009


Jewelries are somethin that drive me crazy. My love for them knows no bounds. Those colorful rings, bangles, bracelets, chains and all those wonderful & mesmerizing trinkets seem a paradise to me. The colors, red, blue, violet, pink, orange, yellow, floroscent etc. are such pretty sight. They come in different shapes and each shape is a beauty in itself. The sight is so beautiful that I can't help getting attracted to it. It keeps beckoning each time i pass by and each time I think ONLY THIS TIME....But its a trap i keep wanting to fall in....

Each time I buy a beauty, I show it off with great pride. They are all my prised possessions. I admire each one to the core be it a bangle, a bracelet, a chain anythin. The designs on it are so breath taking that I just get lost in them.

The more I buy, the more I wanna buy.. Its a never ending visious circle...Each one hanging in the store tempts me big time. I try hard but alas......I do not succeed....They are a fancy that I love to possess..
This is a craze to stay for the rest of my life and for nothing in this world would I want to give it up!!!!!

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