Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The world seems so dull,
The very trigger dead,
Nothing more left to pull,
He stand on nails of bed,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!!

He stands all alone now,
The very meaning within erased,
Like an arrow depreived of its bow,
His very soul blazed,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!

A cluttered mind,
Thoroughly battered heart,
Nothing to un wind,
Her intent was clear to part,
For in vain search of his sweetheart!!!

A dream broken forever,
Thoughts in utter despair,
Were they never meant to be together????
A sight very rare,
For in vain search of his sweetheart,
In every sense they had meant to par!!


sree said...

good one...
waiting for a sweet heart is really thrilling....
after getting a sweet heart, the heart will start to soar...
hey ru waiting for ur sweetheart,,,,

Karthik[:)] said...

wonder what u was in yr mind dii when u penned this...its beautiful :)

Gaurav Mishra said...

Good one sweetu.....I Liked it.....keep on posting the gud stuff....all the best...