Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I guess these days my blogs are getting highly sporadic... Until & unless my friends keep asking if I posted a new blog or not, I ain't going for it....But, it's not because I have become lazy, it's just that my gray cells has stopped pouring out ideas!!!

Now finally I have found something kindling at the back of my mind and before it gets off, I thought I would put it up...

FRIENDS form a part and parcel of everyone's life. They come in various forms; Some get real close, some just come in to teach you things, some come just to part, some come to stay forever etc.
You meet people at various places in one's life. School, colleges, during journeys, jobs etc.

Now this blog of mine is dedicated to one such friend who popped into my life because of sheer luck.
Her name is Arch & I fondly call her my Bomb Joy!!! She happens to be my friend's wife, but she gotten to be more closer than my own friend.

She happens to be a R.J and is one of those species so full of life. She is so similar to me that I don even need to think twice before I am able to pour my heart out.

Arch thanks so much for being there for me for now and for times to come!!!!

This is my Bomb Joy!!!

I have yet another person who has become very dear to me. She is my colleague at work but means more than that. Her name is Amita & I fondly call her my Chinkzzz!!!!
She joined a month after I joined this new place. She is one amazing girl with a brilliant heart.

These two people would have never come into my life otherwise. Had my friend not married Bomb Joy , she would never have met me. Had I not changed my company, I would have never met my Chinkzzz..
Sometimes things in life happen for the best...

These two are just the best that happened - DESTINY I guess!!!!


Archana said...

hey Prathu! I dunno how much to thank my Hubby, for he has got golden jewels in his bunch of friends. u r definitely a rare precious gem my dear. love u for just what you are and the way you r. don't change urself (no matter what ppl speak), be the way u r as it'll be difficult for me to pour out if u did (this is called being Selfish!! he he he :)) love u tons sweetie pie. i love your blogs.. keep posting them .... n i'll keep reading them! :) though i dont blog, u know what i would have blogged as i pretty much share everything with you .. indefinite voyage of my thoughts!!! :)



PraDeepu said...

hey why would you do that..
or are you really getting busy or planning to get busy..
Use Email-To-BlogPost feature to post through emails..
u hv got so much to blog about..
how about movie/book reviews...

Metallove said...

Yup BJ u r so true...!!!