Thursday, January 13, 2011


WHISKY or should I say WHISKEY????
This was how my conversation started with my dearest friend. A very unusual name I could think for one of my dearest friends. But that is what I call fondly.

Whisky this blog is just for you.....

I still remember how I started talking to you. The Quarter was almost coming to an end when we started talking. But, somewhere down the line I feel it was one of the most brilliant things that could happen. Generally, great friendships start at Junior School or College and continue all along, but at work place is a rarity. This Whisky is one such rarity in my place.

Don't really wanna brag, but all I want to say is, Whisky, you indeed deserve this ma pal,

Tere Sang, ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hain, tere sang.....

P.s : No breakfast, no dinner!!!!!!


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