Monday, April 9, 2012


All in a minute's time... Well this line is indeed very true to one of my colleagues, who all the time seems like she is running out of time. This is one such incident which displays her un - thought moves.

This lady needed water bottle in her cubicle. A couple of days back she had spoken to an admin head and she had informed that she will get it. Now after a few days, it dawned on her to follow up.

In a hurry as she always is, stomped into some room, assuming that she is right. After about 5 mins, she comes out in fits of laughter...

Now this is the scene that has taken place inside,

Hurry Lady, : Sir, In 3rd floor we need water bottles. Nobody has kept bottles in there and I have been follwoing up from days.. ???? ( She would have spoken without even thinking for a fraction of a second...)

Guy Inside: Maam, I am extremely sorry, but I am not the person incharge of WATER BOTTLES here!!!!!!

Highly embarassed to the core, she walks out.........

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