Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pack of WHAT

It's been a while since I have blogged and all thanks to my buddies who keep reminding me that I need to blog.. So this one is dedicated to all my motivators who keep me going no matter what I blog.... Love you guys all!!!!

As usual, I was running around since my mum and me had to get to my aunt's house for lunch.. I am not a person who takes ages to get going. I am a very quick one at this.... (I so read those smirks forming in...). I was hushing along so that I could rush downstairs...  My mum's tone was so not right , if I didn't get down in two mins.. Yup you got it right, TWO MINS!!! I was nearly hyperventilating thinking how in two minutes, but I just managed to wrap up and go down.. In the meanwhile , I had a text message from my aunt asking for what I thought to be as a packet of cards... I interrupted my mom and told her the same. She gave me the most weird look like I had lost my marbles or something.. Her look was quizzical. I searched a while before I realized I didn't have a pack of cards handy at that point in time. So, I let that matter half way afloat and set off with my mother..

We reached our destination. It was time for lunch and we all sat down for it.. Half way through my aunt asked me the most strangest question, : " Where is the packet of curd?"... Curd, excuse me.. Did I hear it right.. How the hell was I supposed to know where she kept curds.. I was wondering what's wrong with my always sensible aunt today... My mum gave me another you- are - so - dead- kinda - look,... I said I have no idea what you were talking about me.. She replies stating she had sent me a text message.. I said I did receive the message, but the message clearly stated , PACKET OF CARDS!!! 

That is when it dawned on me, it was not PACKET OF CARDS, but PACKET OF CURDS is what the text message meant..

Uffffff... I can be a great interpreter for times to come!!!!!


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