Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Life takes the most unexpected turns and I think no one can really decipher at that point in time as to what needs to be done. So many of us let go of opportunities – I guess we believe in, if opportunity doesn’t knock, then let’s build a door theory… Eventually most of us forget what to do once that billion dollar door opens... Well, here is one such journey… Read on and you’ll know more…

Mayur was having another tiring day at work which was a long one as usual. It was the same routine with no change in his life. Monotony seems to have set in concretely. He would wake up, get dressed, eat and head to work, finish a long day and head back home. Apart from this he didn’t have any other option either. Loneliness, unhappiness, Neither could he’ live’ life nor ‘leave’ life and hence it continued. This was his present situation and he seemed to have completely lost hope. Each day just chugging along doing the same chores with no emotion whatsoever. How can this be happening at all??? Retrospection, he actually did live life once upon a time.. But did it all change so fast...

Everything at one point will be all fine in every individual’s life. The Trough phase which is never rough. All of us then forget that we owe a little gratitude to the person up above.. But, most of us forget and are so floored by the bliss in life. What happens when things go a little hay wire...? We go all hanky- panky, panic buttons flashing red, anxiety attacks making their frequent little trips... GOD is then remembered without a break. These phases are fondly known as Crest Phase... And he very well made the most brilliant stumbling thought his life at present is in its best Crest Life… He is admitting that he is clueless as to what need to do be done about it.

Till a few months ago...

He had it all in my life... Happiness, love, life, money, peace, satisfaction, contentment, anger, serenity, sorrow, love. And all the other variety of emotions. He was his own architect, designing his own life, his way. At times Mayur would close his eyes and try to capture the images in his pocket called brain so that he could re-visit when he wanted . Sumukha - ‘She’ was the best thing that could have happened in Mayur’s life. Her twinkling eyes used to lighten up his day. Her sparkling smile used to charm his very way. What had she done to him that he could never escape her clutches of love? Well, this was the feeling of being in love and he was happy to drown in her love.

His friends would say, “Bro, we would trade anything with you man to lead your life”! And he would just laugh it off... Needless to say anything else... Little did he know what it would be like to be on the flip side…?

Each evening, he would rush back home to be with Sumukha. Those wonderful conversations, hot cup of tea, those book reading nights...  Every tiny thing he did with her would create everlasting impressions in his mind. He just wanted to hold onto it for life, I guess forever was what he had in mind... But fate took other turns…

Those pleasant days with her started turning into unpleasant times. Little fights became major issues, neither of them were ready to sort out things and it just prolonged. He didn’t feel like sorting it out even with his best buddy. So the hideous journey just continued.  

“Do we even need to see each other”? It’s just so repulsive... These were the noble thoughts passing our mad minds.
Each minute was turmoil to deal with and he always hoped that this would have some kind of an ending. He was losing focus in totality. His job wasn’t going well, his personal life was anyways so brilliant and he could just about land up being a wreck.

I guess this is so true,

“To Meet, To Know and To Part is the Saddest but Truest Thing of Every Human Heart”!!!

It was one of those hard days when he had returned from work. He just dropped down on my chair and closed my eyes. A silent debate within himself and he sat pondering and it hit him hard,

  • Why Me?
  • What happened?
  • Where was I wrong?
  • Whom did I hurt?
  • When did I miss out?
  • How will I correct myself?

But as he sat debating, he was a total zilch at realizing it all… Though determined that he would make sure to set it right because HE MAKES HIS OWN PATH in life.

The door bell rang. Who would it be at this hour? He walked to open the door to see his best friend in front of him. He walked in and both sat in utter silence for a few minutes. That is the best part about having best buddies. You can sit for hours without having to explain anything or say something. Silence is pleasantly accepted.
After about few minutes, his friend turns to him and says, “You know I am always there for you and you can lean on me for support anytime”. Taken aback by this kind of emotion, that all he could say was a silent Thank You.  That is when he actually understood the essence of, “Actions speak louder than words”. “I…hmmm…Am Very Thankful to you”. His friend just nods and hugs him back…


“Honey, I’m home”!! Sumukha would be so happy to see him. “I have you favorite prepared for dinner”. ‘That is indeed great’! ‘Give me a few minutes and Ill join you’. They would fill in each other with the day’s happenings and have a pleasant dinner. “ I hope not too much stress at work”. Mayur says, “ Not at all, as long as you are in my life”. She would smile and they would continue their daily conversations.


Mayur enters home. Dinner is on the table and his wife isn’t even there to greet him. But he hears a voice, “Dinner is on the table”, please serve yourself. Good Night!! He wonders if that is all their conversations limits to now.

Loneliness seems to be creeping in because he does not even have company to share the meal. His present situation is in such a sad state that he wishes no one else gets to this state ever.

Each second he spends by, his thought goes back to just one question... “God, Why ME??” 

 It is human tendency for all of us to think that only we are in problem and the rest around us are in their best frames. But you can’t blame yourself either because the grey matter refuses to take any kind of assuring solace at all.

She is the only one he ever wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She is the only one he ever wanted. She is the only one he wants to hold onto... She is the only one he has ever had... And now she remains a memory only in his heart, mind, body and soul.

Mayur tried hard but Sumukha just refused to sort out anything with him. “Mayur, it is all over bwteeen us “. “But Why”, please explain the reason. “There is nothing left to explain”…. Hmmmm , Sumukha just one chance is all I ask”!! “ NO”, NO…

After having lost almost all hopes and nothing left to lose, he decided he will give it one more shot and see what shoots he get in his direction. This was like the last resort he would give his best too…

What is his last resort…? “The Almighty”!!! “ The God” !!
It felt it necessary to strike a conversation with him and see what best happens.

He made a conscious decision that he would turn into Him and see what best can be done to re-design his life.

Every single day he would look up to him and seek solace with honesty and sincerity. There were no two ways about it. He  just knew that he had to do it right, Days turned into weeks... Weeks turned into months... Months into a few years…

One night he was just at home and having a relaxed time… As he was sitting, he had this strange vision of GOD and his Love Sumukha together… Finally, his prayers were bearing the fruit… He knew she was there and he had to go get her.. Mayur go get your Sumukha….He was so elated that unknowingly his OPEN EYES SHUT!!!!


Anonymous said...

SAD Story: How about the loneliness of Mayur? and how did he have a best friend? I think Sumukha had her own priorities and Mayur had none, except his wife.
Good Story though

arjun said...

Profound !!

arjun said...

Profound !!