Wednesday, October 30, 2013

People Management - An Art With Love!!

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT - Feels a word coined by the Human Resource Gurus huddled together in closed office spaces. But to silently ponder, what does this heavy term actually intend. Do we know the deeper insight to it? Have we ever sat back and reminisced. Well, most of them would feel the Time Crunch and who really has the time to do so too.... In reality, it is very essential to retrospect and come to terms with the same. 

Lest we realize that Life is directly proportional to the People in our lives.  It is actually People who make our life. But in this rat race to life, we forget the basic foundation of this. We are so busy trying to fit our life into a perfect picture framed and hung around, hastily trying to beat one another, fierce competition amongst ourselves - Is Darwin's Theory still embedded in our genes!!! Do we always need to work our way up all the time? 

Is it a true analogy - People Management Is An Art!! But we all fail to understand the rational and the science behind this very beautiful and mellifluous statement. Why do we complicate the human relationships around and get entangled in our own labyrinths. We spin complications, misunderstandings, hatred and a lot of other unwanted emotions that we are interwoven. At times, we are swindled in our emotions and thoughts that we forget - NOT ALL YOU THINK IS NECESSARILY TRUE! Well, isn't it the most prodigious statement to stumble across. 

One life, few people we cherish and the path we choose to complete this journey, a benchmark we set to look up to. But alas, seldom do we fulfill and tread the path we intend to choose. The people whom we choose to have in our lives, is purely an intuitive choice we make. How hard is it for us to maintain a cordial and warm relationship with the ones we choose? Are we even a wee bit successful in this entitlement we claim?

We have all forgotten that all it takes is that one smile, a warm hug, a lovely peck, few sweet words laced with motivation ,optimism and positivity, share a care, shower love, spend a few minutes with loved ones, that one phone call a day, a beautiful card, a meaningful text, amazing wishes... All the small things that we do to express our love, care, concern, respect to our loved ones in life. We don't need to shower the snob appeal items and money doesn't buy relationships. Faster we understand, better we know this art technique.

A little compromise, mutual respect and understanding, unconditional love, a few traits we need to imbibe in us to make a better and peaceful living. Don't clutter your lives with fights, heart burns, unhappiness, hatred. All the unwanted feelings we nurture need to be bundled and thrown away. Life is short and we all are well aware. This journey we make should be a peaceful one. Complete it with all the loving ones in your life, who can be managed and well taken care off with a just few tiny changes. 

Indeed, this art of people management, should be learned. We need to master this technique. Make it a new hobby to understand people better, respect them and their emotions because there is nothing known as a Good Emotion or a Bad Emotion. Just be there for people you care about. Then, handling people would never be a task. Make this place a better living with loving people in our lives. Love people and live with people you love!!


Arun said...

People management is sure an art, its much more than what we think it is. Worth Reading the article Prarthana!!

Shiju Chacko said...

Nice One.
If we learn how to deal with ppls everything is easy.

Keep on writing Prathana :)

Shiju Chacko said...

Nice One.
if we learn how to deal with ppls everything is easy.

Keep on writing.