Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rantings @ Crossroads

I stand, deep in thought,
To my left or right, my mind's fought,
The choice within is a gamble,
With the power to rise a shamble,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!

To my left, a patch of greenery,
Tantalizing my morbid ornery,
Stretches ahead the path of serenity,
And it obliterates all my frivolity,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!

To my right, an alley that fades,
Is it the one that dares?
Even though withered away to wilderness,
Has it brought my mind to stillness,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!!

Each time life offers us choice,
All around we discern noise,
Agony to concot it right,
Our klutz to fabricate it bright,
Oh! My rantings @ crossroads!!!!

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