Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One bright morning, nealty dressed like always, I was standing in my line during our assembly at school. Morning assembly for prayer, which I would manage to do in SILENCE. For Me, being SILENT is a big punishment. I could barely mange to keep my mouth shut for a couple of minutes during prayer. We were done with our prayers and poor me....After prayers we would have announcements. N me, oh my GOD... My maa'm made an announcement, and I was so busy chatting that I barely heard a few words and the rest MY INTERPRETATION of her announcement with extreme confidence. Assembly dispersed.....Wow!! what a relief....back to our classes... I guess I'd spoken too soon......neva mind...The actual impact of my so called confident interpretation came as a big SHOCK the very next day at school. ME THE GREAT, mind you dressed in WHITE UNIFORM walk super confidently into the gates of my school. Now what do you think I should see......To my utter shock, I AM THE ONLY ONE AT SCHOOL IN WHITE UNIFORM on a tuesday morning...Surprised... Well I was to the utmost as well... We at school wore white uniform only on WEDNESDAYS... and here I come neatly dressed in white uniform a day before....What do you think was the actual announcement...Here it goes... ALL OF YOU PLEASE COME IN YOUR RIGHT where do you think could be the link between WHITE and RIGHT.....yes you got it right.... Now ain't it a Purrfect name for ME.......

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Karthik[:)] said...

is there something called as 'Name Perfect'...something on the lines of 'Picture perfect' ????
anyways suits u purrfectly!!!!