Monday, May 3, 2010


People come, People go!!
Jobs come, Jobs Go!!
Colleagues come, Colleagues go!!
But this ain't true always. Some colleagues become friends, then become good friends, then become close friends and then they become such a part and parcel that it becomes YEH- DIL MAANGE- MORE- DOSTI type of a scenario.

In my life also I have one such Scenario. Let me elucidate the same.

For all you newbie readers, I had a colleague in my first job, RAMYA. For all you oldbie readers, I'm sure you know RAMYA (Courtesy: My Previous Blogs). This was one helluva of a girl I have ever met. She was indeed like a sister I never had. I just used to goto work to meet this girl and learn from her. Her level of enthusiasm, her MILLION DOLLAR SMILE , her frankness, I used to be awestuck. She used to take me to an entirely different world. To transport me back, used to be one tough job. She was my senior at work and I used to learn things from her. Work used to be a fun place beacuse of her. Our lunch outings, our snack party in the pantry etc.
I have spent about 14 months with her and we had our shares of ups & downs. But the ups used to be more so the downs weren't considered.
We both were chatter boxes. We used to have a million stories to share and a billion to create. ( Ramya, I'm sure you know the stories!!! )
But alas!! All happy things come to an end and our journey of togetherness also had to come to end. (Temporarily)

Ramya took a break from work and I changed my work.

New People Came, Old People Went,
New Job Came, Old Job Went,
New COlleagues Came, BUT, Old Colleagues never Went!!!

Ramya was one such colleague who never went and will never go.
I still mioss her a lot and I miss her crazily. I know for sure I will never meet this JOY BOMBSHELL kinda girl ever again.



Ramya said...

Thanks dear..i treasure our freindship which was more than our professional relation..those time we used to share at coffee the bus while travelling..& the way i learnt double riding wen i used to come by vehicle, how can i forget u had al that guts to sit behind me while i was still learning..also the way we used to gossip to the heights...though we used to argue & fight over lil things..we could not stay for longtime not talking to each other both of us used to wait to get an opportunity to start conversation again...for sure i promise we wil b great friends forever...............

Metallove said...

My Dear Gurl.. I adore u & our friendship. Noways I will let u go away from me...LOLZZZ> STUCK TO U FOR LIFE...

sree said...

journey of friend ship never ends,its like a circle.

AMITA said...

u forgot me naa koi bat nahi

Metallove said...

Ami: How can I forget you?? U r one of those unforgettable sweet person i have met....