Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a must blog incident for ME. Communication is highly essential especially when you are making someone understand and conveying your points. This is one such incident with heights of MIS- COMMUNICATION.

It was one such hungry evening and I was at work. My colleague wanted help with his Presentation. Tuesdays we have weekly review meetings and Monday evenings are a crazy affair at work. I had just finished my presentation and was cross checking it like I was checking out an Infy guy to marry!!! (You guys can imagine the intentsity now...) Indeed the scrutiny was as such.

My colleague asked me for help with his presentation and Me being a real rock start with presentations offered help right away. Sat at his desk and started my work. He all of a sudden blurted that he would get me Gol Gappas if I completed it for me. Me being an Opportunist, grabbed it like I was grabbing jewelry from a FREE DISTRIBUTION UNIT. ( That's the best comparison I can give!!) I said No I want something else. So I opted for LAYS. (Didn't want to burn a hole in his...) Now the problem was who would go to pick it up. We decided we would ask our office boy to get it for us. I called him and he came. I very sweetly started in Kannada that I wanted a Lays packet. My specifications were to follow now. Our conversation was as follow ( Tranlated into English for the benefit of my readers),

Me: I don want Red Colour Packet Lays beacuse it is TOMATO Flavour and I don't like it.
He: What Madam?? Chips is made from Potato and not Tomato....
Me: **%$$^^$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Zapped throughly...) HUH?? (When on earth did chips change its base to Tomato from Potato....)
He: Madam chips is potato not tomato
Me: I want other colour packet lasy and not red.
He: You want lose chips madam???
Me: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....(Why did I want Lays??)

Thankfully my colleague comes to my rescue and the mission is accomplished!!!!!!

Moral never will I call my office boy to get me something and if I call, then my colleague will speak to him. BUT I WILL NEVER, God knows what he will say next???? Keep waiting till I post it next time...

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Ramya said...

Shud appreciate ur confidence to communicate & make him understand ur kannada language...