Friday, May 21, 2010


Starting from where I left in my previous blog, this is the sequeal to it.

I started with my training at work , which I felt was a great period. It was to last almost two monaths. TWO MONTHS of brillaint 'masti', is what we all trainees felt. (Lest was I to know, that it wasn't true, until later.)
Coming to back to my so - rightly - assumed - fun - period, we used to have rigoruos activities and no time to breath. It was filled with assignments and topped beautifully with tests that too on a very irregualr basis. (Irregularity meant EACH DAY!!!)
Finally, our MASTI TRAINING PERIOD was completed and we were on the job.
YES!!! Finally on the job. What an amazing feeling!!! A brilliant next - to- oscar - achievement....

The days at work would be filled with activities. Loads of activities that I would wonder when on earth my shift began and when the hell was it over....Well, not rosy too beacuse we used to have a lot of irate customers asking about their money transcations....Life wasn't easy answering their questions....Firstly, money issue and secondly irate clients... You can imagine our poor plights....

Once, I happened to get a terrible customer who started abusing right from the very nano second I picked up the call... I heard enough... I was almost losing my patience.

Digressing a little, i would like to tell you guys that 3 out of 10 customers are irate and they get on your nerves. (Less of an exaggeration to keep it simple... Simplicity sells...) We have a mute button in the avaya which enables us to vent out our frustration (Thank God!!! If not for this option, ITES wouldn't be able to flourish so well....)

Coming back to my patience levels, I had tolerated enough and I thought it was time THE - HIGH - N - MIGHTY - MUTE BUTTON (as it is called) will now come handy. It was my first time usage and experience in both terms, (MUTE & IRATE CLIENT) I happily pressed the mute button (which I assumed was on) and said something.

Now, here's the twist in my luck, the MUTE BUTTON HAD BETRAYED ME!!!!!

I was in for super cool ride now. You can imagine what happened...
Well, hang in, I wouldn't want your imagination to run like crazy horses... I will give it a break...

This client heard it and he wanted to speak to my manager. He spoke and it was sorted out..

Thank God!!! It wasn't severe....

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