Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preamble MUSE A BUSE

Just after my Engineering, I decided to try my stints in the ITES sector. I gave my first interview with a very big name and after clearing 6 rounds, they told me that they didn't want to hire a fresher. My Second Interview clicked after an entire day's struggle and my efforts paid off. I was selected and this was with a MNC. I was brimming with joy. At that time it looked like, I had achieved something great. Conquered -the -world -kind -off -a -feeling!!!

First Day At Work: I was all excited. the feeling was a yeppie one. One of the girls I met at the interview had cleared too and we clicked instantly. She said she would come and pick me up.
The D - Day arrived. But, I somehow missed her and I decided to get into an auto as I didn't want to late. ( I usually am never late)

I caught an auto and got off in front of my office. I gave him Rs. 50 but he didnt have change.
The minute I hopped off the auot, I bumped into a familair face. ( He was like an Oasis in the desert) No Hello, How are you, nothin... I just rushed and asked him if I could borrow the needed change and he gave it to me..(Wonder what he was thinking at that time.....)

Just imagine that poor guy's reaction.... Gladly he remembered me since he had met me a few months back at some place for an interview. We had struck a casual conversation. Let me tell you in detail how I had met this person...

I was in my final sem Engineering. I thought I would try for a job off campus for the heck of it. I had gone on a saturday to some MNC where there was a walk in. There is a park in fron tof that company. I was waiting there , when this puny guy with glasses caught my attention. He was parked on the bench with a Lays packet and a bottle of coke. He was the only guy so intently concentrating on food out there. Hence, we started a conversation.....

His name is SIBY. Siby, its been a while since we are in touch and I hope throught this blog atleast I can find out where you are....

All I got to say is NEVER MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY. You never know when the need arises!!!!

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