Friday, July 9, 2010



PAUL - Psychic - WONDERPUS aren't all these names familiar to the SOCCER FANS - FIFA World cup 2010.

An OCTOPUS - 2 eyes, 4 paris of arms but highly INTELLIGENT INVERTEBRATES. How many of us really like these creatures?? Not many right... We find them so ugly and gross. Probably the very sight of them is so repulsive that it makes one feel nauseated.

Times changes, likes and dislikes changes too. Doesn't it??? I guess the FIFA World Cup 2010 changed it all for OCTOPUS. Isn't it something so wonderful about this particular Invertebrate - PAUL?? I wonder how he does it so brilliantly and almost accurately. He sits so innocently in between the 2 tables which are covered with the particular countries flags and strategically shows his final verdict. Food placed on both tables and he rightly chooses which food to pick to make the country hungry to want more (Winning is an unquenchable hunger!!!).

He almost manages to be correct 9 out of 10 times. How does he really manage that?? A thought to ponder over actually. Whatever he does, HATS OFF to this little , young creature perched on the table top and giving his final verdict.

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sree said...

hmmm...its blunder i German`s are thinking to fry that the game who will play better they will win...anyhow till today that octopus is lucky,every thing going in fevour of that...