Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Almost all my friends hate this habit in me of wearing heels. My shoes, sandals, boots etc are never flat. I love wearing heels added to the fact that by all normal Indian women height, I still am considered TALL. Heels gives me that extra leverage to tower over people.

Anyways, I usually wear heels to work too. One day, I was supposed had work, so had taken leave and had go. I was running late, so was hurrying to reach the place. I managed to reach that place after a lot of difficulty and in time.

I finished my work and was hurrying back as it was getting late and it was beginning to pour too. One side of the road was dug for Namma Metro Work and it was blocked the other way. I was walking in one corner and after I walked a while it was filled with slush. No choice, I had to walk through it. I put my feet in it and walked out, only to realize that my shoe heel has got stuck in the slush and has come out!!!

Now what luck, in the middle of nowhere, one shoe has high heels, the other has no heels....I was so pleased with my plight. Just imagine, I was yet to head back home.

I have to mention this ad I had seen sometime back. This girl's heel comes out from her shoe. she pops a gum into her mouth, sits on the bench in the park and removes the other heel and chucks it into the bin and walks away!!!

Well, I did try too, but my heel didn't budge.....So the rest goes unsaid....


sree said...

oh...then how did u walked? its difficult to walk like that....

Ravi Singh said...

hmm...a difficult plight.. :)